Uplode Research

Customizable mobile survey software


When researchers face barriers to the research process, the Uplode Research mobile and web toolkit simplifies data collection and analysis

Our cost-effective service helps researchers feel confident in answering the most challenging questions

Better response rates

Using notifications increases study participation over 80%!

Flexible data collection

Collect participant data over time, whether it's a one-time survey or over several months
Whether you are part of a university, private research group, or public institution, you can create easy-to-use surveys. 


  • Up to 3 surveys at one time
  • Survey formatting options
  • View previous, current, and future response entries
  • Automatic notifications to respond
Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method
Test interventions with a control group

Quick & easy to get started

Start data collection with your survey

Step 1: Create your organization
Participants will use a secure code to join your organization to take your surveys.

We provide a place for an in-app consent form and screening questionnaire. Each of your surveys will have a consent form and screening questionnaire at no extra cost. 

The screening questionnaire makes sure you collect data from participants who meet your selection criteria.

Your simple 4-step set-up

Step 2: Create your surveys
Your surveys are under your organization.
Create exactly the type of survey you want: unlimited number of questions, flexible study length, and multiple question formats.

You can have up to 3 surveys running at the same time with different samples. You can also have multiple phases within one survey. We can easily add a pre-intervention questionnaire and a post-intervention questionnaire in one survey.

Step 3: Collect data
Decide your data collection timeline. Automatic reminders let participants know when they need to respond to a questionnaire for your survey.

Your participants will be able to take your survey, view previous and upcoming surveys, and provide feedback. 

Step 4: Interact with data 
Use our website to create visualizations, perform statistical analysis, andexport your data. 

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