What is Senda LLC?

Senda LLC is here to help us improve our lives through technology


To help individuals and families live their healthiest and happiest lives possible through using innovative technology today


Making healthcare easy, intuitive, and responsive

Our Story

We have always believed that each individual should have the freedom, ability, and assistance to make their own informed healthcare decisions. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality Americans live in today. With the lack of transparency of cost, knowledge of healthcare, and the disparity in the distribution, millions of Americans find it difficult to navigate the US healthcare system.

Our families have benefitted from health insurance and access to great healthcare. Our families have been able to have life-saving surgeries, have children born in hospitals, and meet with specialists to discuss and develop a plan of care for complex diagnoses. We've worked in healthcare and know what it's like to both deliver and receive care.

While completing our undergraduate studies at BYU, we worked on a project to use mHealth (or mobile healthcare tech) to help maternal and newborn care. When we realized the gaps in access to life-saving healthcare, we began thinking of ways to improve the delivery of healthcare for all people. With that goal in mind, we decided to pursue further education to understand macroscopic issues in healthcare.

As healthcare professionals, we share responsibility and accountability in delivering the best evidence-based care to all individuals and families. This is why we wanted to start a business to help develop and share correct information and data. We believe that mobile apps can be the way of creating and sharing this information more easily than ever before.

Though we have humble beginnings, ultimately, we want to disrupt the American model of the healthcare system and bring innovation using technology. 


Our Team

Tevin Stewart

Project management and lead developer

Frontend developer

Elina Chun, RN

Product management and UX design

Pediatric, adult, and geriatric healthcare experience 

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